Wednesday, June 13, 2018

From Scotland to Sydney

We love nothing more than receiving personal stories from our customers. Yesterday, DONNA HOLLAND sent us this lovely email with her photo attached.

"I have just received this beautiful scarf from my son Mark and his partner Mike. I am having chemotherapy treatment and am delighted with my gift." 

We would like to thank Donna for sharing her story with us and allowing us to publish it on our blog. And we wish Donna all the best for her treatment. It means a lot that our scarf helps brighten up her spirit! 


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

We love customer emails like this

A few days ago, Bulurru received a beautiful email from a customer telling us a story about where our fabric had ended up.  We were so touched that we asked if we could share the email with our online community - so here it is! 

"I just wanted to pass on a photo of my 80 year old mum in a kaftan made from your fabric that my grandmother made her over 25 years ago, could be over 30 years ago. She loves it and always has people ask where did she buy it? It's a great piece for traveling which is what my mum does best. Just thought you'd like to see that your fabric is truly loved. She also has a green colour-way too. Both are favourites".

Lyndall Coles


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Top Testimonial #4

They are good quality products that go the distance (I've had 2 of the little bags that I put my phone in and use everyday). They are reasonably priced. Thanks.

Top testimonials #3

I buy for myself and gifts. I recently went to Paris and gave Bulurru napkins and table cloths as thank you gifts to my hosts. What could be better .... They were awed by the beauty of the items. I have one of your tablecloths on my dining table permanently. The room looks empty without it ...

Top testimonials #2


I just love aboriginal art. My house is full of aboriginal paintings. They are so uniquely Australian. Nothing comes close. I use the fabric to make beautiful quilts. To treasure for ever.

Top testimonials #1

I am really attracted to the beautiful colours of your products because they highlight and capture the same amazing colours of our Australian landscapes. From the green and brown of the bush, the reds of the rugged and rocky terrain of the outback and the blue and gold of the sea and sand of our wonderful coastline. I have bought products for myself and friends and would certainly recommend your products to anyone from overseas. Thank you!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Australian Aboriginal Fabrics

The Australian Aboriginal Fabrics represent in their primary form indigenous designs, which history date them over 50,000 years ago from an ancient Australian culture. The designs are printed out on fabrics using varied methods.

Our company, Bulurru Australia, works with indigenous artists that craft amazing designs, which in the end tell stories of Aboriginal culture and life.

You can check out these fabulous Aboriginal Fabrics on our online store.

There are different ways that the materials have been created, such as bark, string games or grasses according to Wikipedia.

In our future articles, we will delve into what these designs of ancient culture mean, their history and background.